The Zombies are coming

We have placed an order for a new line of soda. We hope to have it here late in the week. It is a product called Deadworld Soda and consists of a line of 12 sodas with zombie themed labels and names. If you would like to purchase this product please contact us at to start your order today.

Welcome to Black Swamp Soda Distributing!

Hello and welcome to Black Swamp Soda Distributing.

You might be wondering what this sites purpose is. Well we are an extension of Black Swamp Soda Works. We offer convenience shops, businesses and restaurants the opportunity to purchase glass bottled soda by the case at wholesale pricing for resale to your customers.

Our offerings change on a regular basis and can become unavailable or discontinued at any time. This is a limitation of dealing with small businesses that make these products in limited quantities or with limited resources. When selling these products our staff will try to inform our customers which products are considered long term products and which ones are limited or at risk items.

Our sales staff are always on the lookout for new and exciting soda flavors to add to our line of offerings, When new flavors are found we intend to tell our customers so that they can place an order and take advantage of new flavors as quickly as possible.

Our offerings include most of the products offered on our retail website at There are a few others that can be had for private parties or direct order sales only. These products cannot be advertised due to contract restrictions.


If you have any questions or would like to discuss purchasing any products we offer please feel free to contact us at 419-402-4011, or send us an email at Our staff will be happy to discuss your needs and offer any assistance we can.

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